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Preservation Alerts

Important City Council Budget Session Tuesday, May 23 *Attend Meeting and/or Write to Council* Your Conservancy Board is very concerned about the negative impact the city budget cuts of the last three years have had on our Historic Preservation Program. These … more

It has just been announced that the Millard Sheets mural and the other artwork at Home Savings at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard will be relocated to a museum in Orange County. Although the City of Santa Monica was given first priority as a … more

See it now before it’s gone! Santa Monica’s iconic Home Savings building at the corner of 26th Street and Wilshire Boulevard will soon lose its remarkable artworks, including the impressive mosaic mural depicting a beach scene. The loss is the … more

Santa Monica’s iconic Home Savings building at 26th and Wilshire, a historic landmark, is in jeopardy due to the City’s proposed settlement of a legal challenge brought by the property owner.  Noted for its dazzling mosaic of a beach scene, set into … more

The “Pier Bridge” is the structure that connects Colorado Avenue to the Pier. It needs structural strengthening, improved access for the disabled and modifications to accommodate the ever-increasing number of pedestrians visiting the Pier.  A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for … more