Executive Committee:

Tom Cleys, Carol Lemlein, David Kaplan, Mario Fonda-Bonardi, AIA

This committee, consisting of the President, immediate Past-President, Vice-President(s), Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Directors, provides leadership and strategic direction to organization, and is empowered to take action in place of the board, when decisions are required between board meetings.

Development/Governance Committee:

Tom Cleys, Carol Lemlein, Evan Pozarny

Members of this committee focus on fundraising and membership as well as cultivating people for volunteer and leadership roles in the Conservancy.

Advocacy Committee:

Ruthann Lehrer and Carol Lemlein, Co-Chairs, Carolyne Edwards, Nina Fresco, David Kaplan, Sharon Reyes, Amanda Seward

Advocacy advises the Board on preservation issues; works with the community to help save historic resources, works to ensure that City plans ensure and promote preservation of our historic resources.

Preservation Resource Center Committee:

Catherine Conkle, Mario Fonda-Bonardi, Nina Fresco, Patty Godon-Tann, Carol Lemlein

Manages the operation and programming of the Preservation Resource Center, including the docent program.

Program Committee:

Steve Loeper and Libby Motika, Co-Chairs, Diane Citron, Catherine Conkle, Phyllis Conkle, Phillis Dudick, Libby Pachares.

Develops and implements Conservancy programs and events from our lecture series and fall tour to our holiday party, annual meeting and other events.

Beach House Docent Council:

Libby Pachares and Patty Godon-Tann, Co-Chairs, Linda Androlia, Michael Burton, Elaine Cohen, Phillis Dudick, Moonie Fishburn, Audree Fowler, Dorothy Jewell, Ruthann Lehrer, Joyce Rosenblum, Robin Venturelli

Responsible for the Annenberg Community Beach House docent program and events such as the annual celebration of Marion Davies’ birthday.