Legacy Society

The Santa Monica Conservancy thanks the Members of our Legacy Society
(* indicates Founding Member)

Tom Cleys*
Sherrill Kushner*
Carol Lemlein and Eric Natwig
Alan Merson*
Kay Pattison*
Allison Sampson
Patty and David Tann*

In 2021, we announced the establishment of aĀ PlannedĀ GivingĀ Program. This program allows friends to show their generosity supporting the Conservancyā€™s advocacy and public programs, by leaving an enduring legacy that will ensure stability and growth into the future.

The Conservancy will honor and recognize all those who make commitments by inviting them to join the newly established Legacy Society. An annual luncheon will be held to celebrate Legacy Society members and their generosity. There is no donation minimum to be eligible ā€“ just a commitment to remember the Conservancy in your will or estate plans.

Patty and David Tann, founding members the Legacy Society.

We hope that you will consider joining our Legacy Society and remember the Santa Monica Conservancy in your estateĀ plans. Your gift will impact historic preservation for many years to come. Please download ourĀ PlannedĀ GivingĀ FormĀ here.

If you would like more information or materials about theĀ PlannedĀ GivingĀ Program, please contact Conservancy President Tom Cleys atĀ president@smconservancy.org. If you have already made a commitment to the Conservancy in your estateĀ plans, please notify President Tom Cleys so that he can include you in all acknowledgements and special events.