Photo of the Civic Auditorium by Julius Shulman in 1958. © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)
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The recent outpouring of passionate support for revitalization of Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium—not just as a historic building but as a community asset—makes it clear that people living in Santa Monica have not given up on the potential for this iconic site despite years of neglect and closure. The motive is in the name. To be civic minded is to relate to a city, town, country or to the people who live there.

Today the Civic Auditorium is an endangered building in a precarious situation, despite its landmark status. Welton Becket’s innovative mid-century modern design retains a very high degree of historic authenticity, but the structure is seismically deficient and systems which have been neglected since the building’s heyday need to be modernized. In other words, the Civic Auditorium is currently neither safe nor practical. Revitalization is critical.

Click here to visit our new webpage dedicated to the Civic Auditorium for more information, including the first installment of a comprehensive history and exploration of the site's complex historic and cultural significance.

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Explore the last intact shotgun house in Santa Monica, which now serves as an award-winning Preservation Resource Center for our community. Built in 1897, the little house features three original rooms where you can explore Santa Monica history and learn about preservation. Look behind the walls and the floor to reveal vintage materials, and see if you can find the one original window in the Shotgun House. learn more →


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