Women and girls pose at a Philomathean Charity Club Inc. social event in the 1950s. Credit: Quinn Research Center.
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Join the Black Surfers Collective and partners for the 12th annual Nick Gabaldón Day on June 1, 2024!

Nick Gabaldón was a Santa Monica local who lived in the Pico neighborhood and the first documented surfer of color at Santa Monica Bay, where he learned to surf at the beach near Bay Street and Ocean Avenue. Now part of the Bay Street Beach Historic District, the area served as an important gathering place for Black beachgoers during the Jim Crow era.

This special annual event honors Gabaldón and celebrates his passion, athleticism, discipline, and love for the ocean. Nick fearlessly pursued his passion for surfing, paving the way for countless others. This event serves as a celebration of diversity in surfing and an opportunity for the community to come together, share stories, and ride the waves in his honor. Let’s celebrate his legacy of resilience, determination, and love for the waves. Together, let’s keep his spirit alive!

Click HERE for more information and to register.

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Preservation Resource Center
at the Shotgun House

The PRC will be open for free, in-person tours on May 25 and 26, from noon to 2 p.m. The date for the next virtual tour will be announced soon.
2520 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA
Explore the last intact shotgun house in Santa Monica, which now serves as an award-winning Preservation Resource Center for our community. Built in 1897, the little house features three original rooms where you can explore Santa Monica history and learn about preservation. Look behind the walls and the floor to reveal vintage materials, and see if you can find the one original window in the Shotgun House. learn more →


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