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City Hall Mural

Your support empowered the successful advocacy to stop the City Hall murals from being covered. Santa Monica Cultural Affairs staff is moving ahead with community outreach and engagement through the launch of a new initiative, Acknowledge + Reframe Together (Reframe), … more

On February 22nd, City Council unanimously approved a motion agreeing to the Santa Monica Conservancy’s request to not proceed with covering the historic murals in City Hall. “Request of Councilmembers de la Torre and Parra that Council directs staff to … more

With issues of racial inequity and social justice at the forefront of our national consciousness, Santa Monica City Hall’s historic murals have come under criticism for not reflecting our contemporary values. Two proposals have advanced in City Council – one … more

City Hall Mural Update

September 30, 2021

by Ruthann Lehrer, Advocacy Committee Co-Chair On September 28th, City Council moved forward on assigning the Landmarks Commission the responsibility of interpreting and contextualizing the City Hall murals, supported by an ad hoc Council committee consisting of Oscar De La … more

The Santa Monica Conservancy has been reporting on a new City Council initiative, adopted on May 11, 2021, to cover the historic murals inside the City Hall lobby with a fabric scrim, and “recontextualize” the cultural history of the Tongva … more