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Since making their Civic Auditorium Feasibility Study public in August (click here to access the Study), the School District has been meeting with City Council members in small groups to discuss and answer questions, as well as scheduling outreach presentations … more

The future of Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium continues to be an urgent topic of debate and discussion in the community. The City has offered the Civic as surplus land and the School District (SMMUSD) is a current proposer. Finally, after months … more

The Civic Auditorium is an iconic mid-20th century architectural landmark, with a history woven into our community’s memories. In addition to being a City landmark, it is eligible for state and national recognition for its architectural and cultural significance. The Civic … more

On October 11, 2022 Santa Monica Conservancy City Council voted to designate the Civic Auditorium as surplus land. This decision instigated the current process in which the City is actively engaged in negotiations to sell or lease the site per the … more

On July 21st, the City posted information on their public website to explain the Surplus Land Act and provide current information as to how this applies to the sale/lease of the Civic Auditorium. On July 26 this was updated to indicate that there is one proposal being reviewed from SMMUSD … more