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The Future of the Home Savings Mosaic Mural and Artworks

June 11, 2019

It has just been announced that the Millard Sheets mural and the other artwork at Home Savings at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard will be relocated to a museum in Orange County. Although the City of Santa Monica was given first priority as a relocation site for the Home Savings artworks according to the terms of the legal settlement agreement, they will be going to another location. (Learn more in this Santa Monica Lookout article.)

Photo: Peter Leonard

The Museum of California Art at Chapman University will keep all of the decorative arts– the sculptures and stained glass in addition to the mural– together and available for public view and study.

The Conservancy’s efforts focused on preserving the entire collection of decorative arts in their original architectural framework, as emblematic of the Home Savings banks’ building program uniting art and architecture and the work of the Millard Sheets Design Studio.

We expect the mural removal to start shortly, so see it now while it’s here! The murals and artworks are accessible to the public. (Read more about the Home Savings building and Millard Sheets mosaic mural here.)

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