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Housing Element Update

March 16, 2023

The Conservancy would like to thank the 700 citizens who wrote to our City Council to successfully urge them to write a letter to the State Housing and Community Development asking that the Neighborhood Commercial zones not be upzoned as required by the City’s new housing element. That upzoning would have allowed Montana, Ocean Park, Pico and Main Street to have buildings, by right, from 55’ to 88’ tall. The current Neighborhood Commercial zoning base height is 32’ but certain affordable housing  projects are already allowed to go up to 65’. The additional height of the upzoning would incentivize massive construction and the attendant demolition of many small businesses and buildings of historical importance further reducing the authenticity of these important neighborhood serving corridors. The State may or may not  approve this request  but it’s significant when this many citizens make their voices heard.

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