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Conservancy Launches New 21st Century Task Force

September 28, 2020

The Santa Monica Conservancy is pleased to announce the composition of its new 21st Century Task Force, which was conceived by the Board last fall as the programmatic component of the strategic plan adopted in November. Chaired by Kaitlin Drisko, Principal of Drisko Studio Architects, and facilitated by Allison Sampson, Vice President and Executive Director for Emerson College in Los Angeles, our Task Force members are leaders in local business, education, governance and planning, history, law and activism. The Task Force will bring their considerable expertise to the task of identifying the most important issues on the horizon in Santa Monica, ranging from education, government, housing and sustainability to social justice and more, looking for where historic preservation intersects and aligns.

Top Row: Margaret Bach, Julia Bogany, Tom Cleys, Jaime Cruz, Kaitlin Drisko, Carolyne Edwards. Second row: Michael Feinstein, Karen Ginsberg, Jim Jacobsen, Louise Jaffe, Robbie Jones, Dean Kubani. Third Row: Sherrill Kushner, Greg Morena (member-at-large), Stephen MacNeil, Shannon Ryan, Allison Sampson, Amanda Seward and Antonio Shelton.

Convening remotely each month, the Task Force will conclude in December with a comprehensive portfolio of potential projects aligned with the Conservancy’s mission for the Board to consider as it sets the agenda for the balance of this decade.  We will keep you updated on the work of the Task Force in the coming months.

Click here to to learn more about each member.

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