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Stop Santa Monica from Suspending the Landmarks Commission!

May 14, 2020

In response to the anticipated $224 million deficit in the City budget over the next two years, Santa Monica City Council has approved plans that include suspension of the Landmarks Commission. See the full press release here.

Stand with the Santa Monica Conservancy and send a strong message to the City to make sure they know how much the community values our Historic Preservation Program in Santa Monica. Read the Santa Monica Conservancy’s May 4 Response to City Council’s proposed plan and our May 9 Response to City Council’s plan to suspend the Landmarks Commission.

Send the sample letter below or show your support in your own words. Click the button to send a message or email,,, and copy us at Please also forward this message to your friends and group lists.

Dear Council Members,

We all know, the City of Santa Monica is in dire financial straits and is looking to find ways to cut costs. Erasing the future important work of the Landmarks Commission, however, is too drastic.

Instead the City should streamline processes to keep the Historic Preservation Program viable and working.

Since its establishment by ordinance nearly 50 years ago, Santa Monica’s preservation program has safeguarded 137 historic sites, 13 structures of merit and 5 historic districts!

The members of the Commission are experts who not only designate landmarks and districts and oversee changes made to them, but also review demolition applications for unprotected historic resources. The loss of the Landmarks Commission means that all of our historic resources are at risk; landmarks that define Santa Monica’s unique identity and character.

Once a historic structure or site is lost, it is lost forever.

Please work with the Santa Monica Conservancy and other volunteers to find ways to streamline and reduce the cost of City procedures, support the Landmarks Commission and continue to implement historic preservation in our city. Preservation is one of our core community values. Don’t erase the Commission and risk demolition of our historic resources.


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