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Virtual Tour + Free Brochure: Our 1897 Shotgun House

April 13, 2020

Step inside our 1897 Shotgun House, the last intact one in Santa Monica. Our virtual tour takes you through the three board-and-batten rooms where you can explore Santa Monica history and learn about preservation. Look behind the walls and flooring to reveal vintage materials, and see if you can find the one original window in our Shotgun House.

Tips for Navigating

  • Click the “360” icons to rotate your exterior view of the house.
  • Click the “Walking Person” icon to enter the house.
  • Press the “Play” button in the bottom left to start a guided tour.
  • Click on the orange dots to access more information about a feature.

The 3D scan of the house was created by Lucas Preti of Coral Climb Productions, a boutique company based in Santa Monica with expertise in documentaries, virtual reality and augmented reality.


Shotgun houses originated in the Caribbean and quickly sprang up in the rural South and became popular during the Civil War as field housing. In the West, they sprang up in mining towns to shelter railroad workers and families of limited means. In Santa Monica and other resort areas, they were used as vacation cottages.

Our Shotgun House began its life near the Santa Fe Railroad Depot and was moved three times before settling at 2520 2nd Street. The Conservancy rehabilitated and transformed the house into a Preservation Resource Center, which opened in 2016.

Discover the journey of our tenacious little Shotgun House by downloading our free brochure below. Donations welcome.



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