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Landmarks Commission Report

March 1, 2018

by Amy Green, Commissioner

At last December’s meeting, the Wilmont Neighborhood Association put forth a landmark application for a 100-year-old sycamore tree at 1122 California Avenue. The president of the WNA and dozens of residents spoke passionately in favor of landmarking, but City staff and the new owners of the property on which the tree stands did not recommend landmarking the tree. The Commission chose to postpone a decision in order to undertake further study.

Sycamore at 1122 California Avenue. Photo: MLS

The Landmarks Commission returned to City Council Chambers on January 8, having held meetings in the SMI Training Room until the new City Services Building was completed. The Commission discussed the possibility of designating a block on 11th Street (between Wilshire and Arizona) as a historic bungalow district. Since two of the key proponents for the district were ill and could not attend the meeting, the Commission postponed any official decision on the designation until the proponents could be heard. The Commission still chose to hear from the City’s preservation consultant who gave her preliminary assessment report and concluded that there were insufficient intact historic structures to warrant this designation. However, there will be future discussions regarding this matter in spring.

The Commission approved a Structure of Merit designation for 2518 4th Street after reviewing a demolition permit. In addition Certificates of Appropriateness were given to projects that included new signage at the Santa Monica Pier and City Hall.

City Staff presented information contained in a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the Santa Monica Pier Bridge Replacement Project. Representatives of adjacent commercial businesses in designated properties spoke, objecting to the impact of the described alternatives on their operations. Subsequent to the Commission meeting, the deadline for responses to the DEIR was extended to March 15.

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