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Shotgun House Rehabilitation Progressing

August 27, 2014

The Shotgun House restoration and rehabilitation is making progress. ย The rear addition has been framed and enclosed and steel columns have been inserted to seismically reinforce the front faรงade. Electrical work is now in progress, finish carpentry is underway, and new windows โ€“ replicas of the one surviving window – are ready to be installed.


The north pop-out, which was thought to have held a closet or a Murphy bed, was examined for clues as to its original use.ย  Unfortunately, no convincing traces were detected that could shed light on its use 100 or more years ago.

Next steps โ€“ sheathing the roof in plywood in preparation for shingles and pouring the porch foundation.ย  After that, reconstructing the porch and tenting for termites.

All are welcome to come to the corner of 2nd Street and Norman Place to take a look. Completion of construction of the Conservancy’s new Preservation Resource Center is expected later this Fall.


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