Bank of Italy

Known As
Art Deco
Krempel & Erkes
1360 Third Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Bank of Italy, which later became the Bank of America, was a fixture downtown in many California cities in the 1920s. Today, we see two distinct layers of the building’s history. The original 1929 building was remodeled and modernized in 1964, typical of the renovations concurrent with the creation of the original Third Street Mall.

Travertine marble slabs were placed over the original architecture and the storefronts were remodeled. Changing tastes and an interest in historic buildings have recently reversed that trend. As part of a restaurant remodel in 1994, some of the slabs were removed, uncovering decorative Art Deco panels from the original building. The sunburst design, with scrolls and chevrons, are typical Art Deco motifs.


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