1337 Ocean Avenue

Known As
Spanish Colonial Revival
July 12, 2004
1337 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The area that includes the property at 1337 Ocean Avenue was part of the original town of Santa Monica. In the 1920s and 1930s, most of the empty lots were filled in with single- and multi-family housing. Many of the older homes were demolished for or converted into multi-family units. This new residential development boom left a strong imprint on the character of the historic built environment of the neighborhood.

This two-story, wood-frame commercial building is a typical example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style as interpreted for multi-family dwellings and commercial buildings of the period. Minor elements of the Spanish Colonial Revival idiom, including exterior stuccoed sheathing and a flat roof with tiled parapet, were incorporated into the architectural style of back structure. The structure was added onto in 1951, and later converted and modified to office use. There is also a swimming pool located between the main building and the garage (now office space).

Though undocumented alterations to the building have occurred, most of the building’s original window and door opening configurations and wooden window frames (all elevations, accept the east) are still intact and have not been modified.


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