Origami House Activity & Tour

Take an interactive virtual tour of our 1897 Shotgun House, the last intact one in Santa Monica and learn how to make an origami house. Create your house with paper and then design your own roof, windows and features. It’s a wonderful craft for adults and children alike. For this activity, you’ll need: square paper, markers, colored pencils, paint or crayons.


1. Fold paper in half.

2. Open paper. It now has a center crease.

3. Fold the bottom and top halves to meet in the center.

4. Fold paper in half like a book.

5. Unfold paper.

6. Flip the paper over and fold both sides in to meet in the center.

7. Push open the top corners and press them down to make a triangle.

8. Flip the paper back over and now you have a house! Color and decorate.

This activity was produced by Sarah Weber.